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saw a fern green MDX

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saw a noble green MDX

OK, so I don't have pics, since I was driving by the dealership at 40 MPH. My neck nearly snapped as I was trying to see it better. My wife would not let me turn around to re-affirm my thoughts, but I know I saw what I saw. It was that new lighter green offered as the emerald green replacement for the '02 TLs.

It looked TERRIBLE on the MDX from the quick look I got. However, it wasn't there the next day, and I cannot find info about this color change anywhere. Am I seeing things? Am I stupid and missed the memo that said it was the new color change? Any input at all?

This was in Auburn, MA at Ron Bouchards Acura
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Wow, I thought it was just me. I saw one parked next my RR last Sunday. It had the saddle interior and a green/greyish exterior. I went around it a few times to see which color it was. I just couldn't figure out, gave up.

It's not just me who saw this .....
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