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kevin said:
Any suggestions on how to remove those wonderful white salt stains from carpet? My silver touring MDX has that dark grey/black carpet and it's quite noticeable.
There's a product intended to remove salt stains from shoes. I believe it's simply called Desalter or something close to that. I found it in the shoe polish section at the supermarket. But you might also find it at a shoe store. It's pretty potent stuff and it's probably not intended for use on carpets, so don't know if it would remove color, etc. If there's an area that's stained that's also out of the way a bit, try it on that part first. Also try not to inhale too much of the fumes, as their pretty strong also.

Once you've got them cleaned up, get some good quality winter floormats, (like Weathertec's from Tim). They don't stain and wash off like new with a garden hose in the spring.

Good luck.
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