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After the front AC randomly quit blowing in the front cabin of my 03 MDX, I took to Google to do some research. I stumbled across a thread (unable to post links with 0 other posts, just google 1st gen MDX Front AC fix) and after repeating sidewinder's steps by soldering scrap wire between the thermal fuse, the front blower magically started working again. I'm extremely relived that this is not another pricy repair, and can simply be fixed with a $1 part and some thermal grease. Here's my question: is it safe to leave the spare wire soldered until I can get the part ordered and replaced? I was planning on going on a good sized distance road trip Monday for the eclipse. Is it safe bypassed or should I seek to drive another vehicle? Additionally, is there a specific type of thermal fuse that I should order?

Thanks in advanced.
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