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running board help, bandaid, and special tools...

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Finally decided to put my running boards (Acura ones from Tim) on the MDX yesterday. Here are some special tips for those who are considering it, but wondering if they can do it...

None of this would apply to those who are NOT mechanically challenged or at least have a good tool set.

1) Make sure you have a first aid kit around. Let's just say this was the toughest part of the job. That two boxes holding the smaller parts are really sharp! ok, how embarassing...

2) Be sure you have a good length of extension for your socket set... My set's extension was not long enough to reach in the middle section. Had to stop and go buy one after laying everything out on the drive way.

3) Check your screws... look at the one in this picture! It is really hard to use screws without threads. Already contacted Tim, he is mailing a replacement.

4) Schedule more time than you think you will need. Between washing the MDX first, finding a first aid kit, running to get the socket extension, getting lunch, etc... It took almost 4 hours to do the first one! Granted, the 2nd one only took 30 minutes to put on.

Now the question. The instructions call for the use of a torque wrench to set the tightness of these screws. I didn't have one and just it as tight as I could. Is that good enough? Or should I make another trip to get one?


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Oh, That's the Reason

Now I remember why I get my friendly neighborhood Acura mechanic install everything for me!!!!;)

Meep Meep
Gadgetdog ~
That item in your pic is intended for you to be able to bite down on to mask the pain after you discovered your Step #1! :eek: :rolleyes: ;)
hum... hack saw for the Roof Rack

Hum... I see that a hack saw is required to install the Roof Rack and a "tap" is required to punch a hole for the rear deflector... Hum... maybe I should call 911 before I order those from Tim.

Considering that I got blood all over my clothes and the steps from opening the box... The UPS guy just had a smirk on his face yesterday as he dropped off more toys (non-MDX related). Bad thing about paper slices (not just a little cut) is that you don't feel it. He dropped off the new boxes and just casually said that I'm dripping blood everywhere.

Seriously, I thought that it would have been fun to do it myself. This is not for someone who doesn't even mow their own lawn. Definitely let the pros do this! Maybe doing the BSM gave me some false sense!
When I posted my tips on how to install the running boards, I assumed people knew how to open the box. Of course the original poster spelled "board" wrong so you probably couldn't find it. :D

I forgot to mention in my post to count all the parts (I actually arranged the nuts and bolts in a multi-compartment tray).

Considering the amount of money that you saved (ignoring bandages and tetanus shots), you can get a nice digital ratcheting torque wrench. Just remember that the running boards are load bearing surfaces and you want to make sure they are on tight. If you put the bolts on too tight then you weaken/strip the threads.

My suggestion is to get a ratcheting torque wrench and make sure everything is on tightly.

Of course, I don't mind buying tools (I just bought a reciprocating saw), if I know I will be using them at least once.
just read your "article"


I wish I remember to search for and read your article before doing mine! I messed up on getting the first "plug" out of the hole because i didn't push the middle pin in first. Got the torque socket this weekend. All the ones I did were way too tight. Glad that I redid them. Thanks!

My fifteen-year-old daughter installed my running boards for $100. She got on the net to get directions, gathered the tools from dad's work bench and did a great job. My husband did measure the torque and tighten the bolts accordingly.
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