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Rostra Optical Sensing System

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Watched the thread on the Poron backup sensor. Has anyone installed the Rostra sensor? Any thoughts?
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Need to make decision soon !

Hi All,
I am in the market for a car reversing aid, and I have came across 3 products:
Pros: relatively easy to install; readily accessible info right here right now – many thanks to kinmanc
Cons: not available in Canada (the birthplace of MDX); the sensors look flimsy and need to be weatherproofed for winter.

Guardian Alert (license plate frame)
Pros: easy to install; no drilling whatsoever.
Cons: pricey; sensor may not work well when installed > 42” above ground – the X’s license plate frame is about 44” above ground.

ROSS (Rostra Obstacle Sensing System)
Pros: sensor mounts on body frame behind bumper; informative web-site ( with detail instructions and pictures for various applications (e.g., Odyssey, RX300)
Cons: must be professionally installed for warranty to be valid

Guardian Alert is certainly a No because of the height of the license plate, so my choice is between Poron and ROSS.

I have learned many useful info on Poron here. Has anyone purchased and installed ROSS? What is the experience? Any insights?
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