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I have already completed two long trips with my MDX and so far the huge interior room has taken care of the luggage. Next month, however, I am driving out to the Southwest to load up the whole family including our new grandson for a trip to the Grand Canyon. I suspect with luggage and baby stroller etc etc that I will finally have to resort to the rooftop rack. I have been looking for a collapsible fabric cargo carrier. A hard shell model would require me to pay a gas penalty all the way across the US even though I wouldn't need the space.
Samsonite makes one with a storage capacity of 39" x 32" x 18" for about $59.00.Walmart has one for $30 that measures 25.0 x 37.0 x 28.0. The Highland Kar Pak cost $50.00 and measures 37" by 25" by 15". All claim to be usable with or without a roof rack and have a soft bottom to prevent damage to the roof. They are all at least water-resistent (probably not a huge issue in Arizona). Has anyone had actual experience with a model that they can pass on. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Thule Frontier

We bought the Thule Frontier for our MDX. It is about 11 cubic feet, skinny and long (great for skiing).
About $229 ($209 here at RV Parts Outlet in San Jose).
I don't see any change in gas mileage.
Good locking mechanism: one key in the middle which activates 2 latch mechanisms - one on each end.
Seems very solid even though it is very light (maybe 35 pounds?).
May be too narrow for a stroller? Don't have one...

They told me that the 2002 MDX changed the locations of the roof racks just a little so that the mounts for the Frontier could use a little 1/4 inch slot toward the rear, but you'll have to try it for yourself. Mine worked right the first time.
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