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Nobody asked for opinions buddy. I asked if the placement is okay on the crossbars. Wtf are you talking about..

You have waited all year to comment about your Thule that nobody cares about lmao :ROFLMAO:

This is an 18 cubic ft Jegs rooftop unit. It says it requires the crossbars to be 24” apart. Which they are.

This is my first time using a rooftop box like this and it just seems like the nose of the unit would be getting too much wind underneath if that makes sense?

Or am I over worrying..?

Thanks in advance!
You were right in your assumption that it will have too much windage, noisy, hurting mileage, and its a piece of crap. Return it and buy something better. This roofbox is for 20 year old subaru outbacks

You even thanked me in advance.
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