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Roll Call

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I guess I should start this.

I am in Toronto, Ontario.

Purchased my MBeige from Downtown Acura in Nov. of 2000.

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Took delivery of my Silver MDX from Acura of North Toronto in November of 2000.
I live in Willowdale. We have a small aftermarket performance auto parts company. We sell one touch up and down modules for most power window systems. I had four modules installed in my MDX and now have one touch up & down capability on all four windows. We are also dealers for the Poron backup warning device if any of you are interested.
The window modules com from a company called Advanced Automotive Technologies. They cost $69 each. They are little black boxes that install behind the switches at each door. They are fairly straight forward to install. I didn't install the ones in my MDX but the installer said it was pretty easy.
The web site for Advanced Automotive Technologies is
That's US$35. The price I put up was CDN$ and f.o.b. Toronto.
1 - 5 of 150 Posts
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