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Roll Call

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I guess I should start this.

I am in Toronto, Ontario.

Purchased my MBeige from Downtown Acura in Nov. of 2000.

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Alors, de ma part --- put down a deposit on Jan. 31 on DE Pearl, was told end of May delivery. Bought it from Northwest Acura of Calgary, Alberta. Car show coming up this weekend at the Stampede Grounds; sure to see the MDX there. Hey, if it's a DE, it might even be mine!

How'd you get the "auto up" feature? Did you get the "auto up/down" on all windows?
Canadian (i.e., without the NAV!!) Nighthawk Pearl/Ebony, cargo mat, winter floor mats, sport bars, rear deflector, rear mud flaps, nosemask (now off), wheel locks
Wongster said:
Anyway, just ordered a 2002 SS from Casino Acura, Hull, PQ (I live in Ottawa), fairly decent experience with the salesperson.
Has anyone ordered parts from Tim at Hondacuraworld, how does the taxes (PST + GST + ??) and import duties works? I heard that since the Acura parts are made in US, under NAFTA the import duties is quite reasonable.
Wongster -- I ended up buying my accessories from the dealer, for 2 reasons:

1) Wanted him to do the installation of the side steps and deflector. Although I'm pretty handy, I could not bring myself to drilling holes in my new vehicle; also, I wanted to ensure that the warranty on the truck/accessories was not voided.

2) Exchange rates! Tim does have great pricing and service, but my Canuck Buck just doesn't cut it these days....

Curious as to why you bought in Québec when you live in Ontario. I would have thought the PST in Ontario was lower than the QST...
You'll be happy with the Alpins. Friend of mine had them on his 'X last winter. I rode in it during a snowstorm - greatest traction I've ever witnessed.
Wongster said:
Hi Pierre, nice to hear from you again. How are you enjoying the company car? Some says the best in life comes free.

Anyway I just ordered a set of Pilot Aplin, it should be in next week. Last year I tried to order a set in November, but they were all gone by the time. This time I'll be ready.

Go Sens Go.
The company car (van) is, well, a company car. You're right, it's tough to beat free, but I must say that I'm not looking forward to driving in Calgary this winter with a front-wheel drive Caravan vs. the 'X. The good news is that Acura keeps improving on a good thing, and, by the time I'm ready to order another 'X ('04), it'll be even better (perhaps a Type-S???)!
Welcome! I'm on my second X (bought an '01 in Jan. 2000, and an '05 in Mar. 2005). You won't regret your purchase. Let us know how it works out!
I bought my stuff at Northwest Acura. As a repeat customer, I get 10% off. Not much, but they have the parts in stock and I get them right away. You can try Tim at hondacuraworld -- I have not, but many others here have, and are quite happy with his prices and service.
1 - 7 of 150 Posts
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