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Since my car is scheduled to be built in the next two weeks :p :p :p , I figured it was time I start to get an idea of lease numbers.

My dealer told me that the most recent factors he had for the MDX were as follows:
both for 15,000 miles, touring + nav,
36 months - 60%
39 month - 59%

The best rate he found through AHFC was .0027 (6.48%)
I thought this seemed a hair on the high side.

He also told me that AHFC leases work out better a lot because they have no disposition fee, and are more lenient with excess wear and tear than other lenders -- something like allow three small 'incidents', for example a medium sized scratch on one of the alloy wheels, etc....

Roger of anyone else -- what is the best rate / factor that you have seen for the 02s?
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