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Just got back from a 400+ mile trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The 'X was the perfect vehicle for the excursion; super comfortable and never lacking in passing power. Accelerating out of the toll booths for the best "pole position" was especially gratifying! Traction and handling on icy back roads was as confidence inspiring as expected. The Sylvania Silver Stars and PIAA ion yellow fogs were unbelievable! There were, however, some minor problems:

One of second row grab handles practically came off when a friend folded it down to see if it "lit up or something (ha ha)". I was watching him when it happened and he barely pulled on it. I suspect it was never properly attached. (see photo).

A bolt (or bolts) holding the small, black spoiler/molding piece beneath the left fog light came loose and fell off, causing the piece to hang off and rattle around.

Both little issues are to be resolved this week at my dealer. I hope this isn't the shape of things to come and I honestly doubt that it is, but I was suprised to see these things happen to a $40,000 "luxury" vehicle, especially a Japanese one.

By the way, the skiing at the fast and steep Cannon Mountain in Franconia Notch was fabulous, unfortunately I was on a snowboard...

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