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riverside acura

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Hello everyone, this is my first post but I just had to get this off my chest. Those bastards at Acura of riverside in Southern California, are driving me crazy.

I am on my 4th month waiting for my base SS. Every time I call them, they give me some other excuse as to why it is not there yet. First, they told me it was a 1-month wait, 1 1/2 at the most, and that my deposit check would not be cashed, just held. Both lies. Then they told me that my order had to be held till the next months orders went through together, another month delay. Every time I call them, I get a different specification as to the options. When ordering I was a little ambivalent as to whether I wanted the navi or not, I’m sure they picked up on that when I finally settled on the base w/o navi. Because sometimes they tell me it’s base, other times they tell me it’s the navi. I ordered the base but I’m sure they’ll try and spring the navi on me, “take it or leave it, it’ll only be another 6 month wait.”

Don’t even get me started on the supposed mandatory dealer-installed options. When I was deciding whether to order or take one off the lot, they offered to take some dealer-installed options off a premium MDX, which I could take with me that day for only $45,000. That’s when I realized “mandatory” means “if they darn well feel like it.” So every time I call, I tell them not to put anything on my MDX since I like it to look clean. But if they can’t even get the navi right what hope do I have that they’ll listen to me.

So finally a month ago, they told me my SS was being built that week, with delivery 10 days later, yet another lie. Today they said it’s probably in transit, with navi this time, wait another two weeks.

I’m going with an outside leasing company and was told by them that I could avoid the 3 day wait for contracts to go back and forth in California by signing papers at the dealership, since I have 10 days to find outside financing after I take delivery anyways. So what do they say at the dealership, “No, that’s not true.” Whom am I dealing with then, someone who is stupid, ignorant or a liar?

The only reason I went with them in the first place is that they offer free lifetime oil changes on vehicles you purchase there. So I didn’t even put down deposits anywhere else. It was only later that I read the good reviews that the Montclair and Pasadena dealerships were getting. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.:(

"I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."
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Sorry to hear your frustration with the riverside acura. I had similar (not that bad) frustration with one of the Bay Area dealer, but I have multiple orders I ended ok.
Anyway, since your MDX is in transit, you should ask for your VIN and the dealer should be able to track where it is. Juat to check how true it is. Cheer. :)
Well, my MDX came in but the deal fell through. Anyone interested in a base SS head right on over to Riverside CA they have one in stock. Sorry about the fact that you'll have to deal with liars and crooks though.
After waiting four months and calling every week telling them not to put on dealer accessories, I took time off work and went in to finalize the paper work. And what do they tell me, "Oh, you don't have to take the dealer accessories if you don't want them, but you do have to pay for them anyways. So it'll be $3500 over MSRP for wheel locks, roof rack and sidesteps. ":eek: :eek: :eek:
Talk about unethical behavior of car salesman. Who in their right mind would think that when I said I didn't want the accessories I meant I would pay for them, I just didn't want to take them? When I told them I could go to Tim at Hondacuraworld in New York and get all that for $500 they said "what, you're going to go to New York to get them?" FREE SHIPPING YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!
The only thing I'll pay $3500 for is to have a bulldozer come and raze that dealership to the ground.
When I told them I wanted my deposit back they told me I have to come back tomorrow because there was no one there that could sign a check, so I'll have to take time off work again! You can be damn sure that if I wanted to buy a car from those slimy bastards there would be someone there to sign the paper work then. So what recourse do I have but to warn everyone on every single Acura Internet bulletin board not to go to Riverside Acura.
Last night I did what I should have done four months ago, and called Pasadena Acura and Metro Acura, who by the way have excellent reputations and user feedback here at Thanks Chuck at Metro Acura, even on the phone you sounded extremely courteous and professional, now all I have to do is wait another three months.
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Acura or Riverside

When I first was doing research as to which dealer I was going to purchase my MDX from...I spoke to Riverside first.

Sh*t...don't get me started on them. I responded to an ad in the local newspaper there that said. "WE HAVE MDX in STOCK." I called and found out that they have the car I want. I did the paperwork over the fax. They asked me to sign a SALES contract and I told them.."Am not going to sign a SALES contract...Am paying with CASH..." They insisted...So I said...." 25 minutes away..I will be over." when I came over..the car I want wasnt there" COMPLETE MISREPRESENTATION on the Ad Campaign...

So the guy said we can take a deposit from you and get the car I want within three months..Am like...uh...I have 40 thousand dollar in my backpack and you want to do what? I called their bluff..."I said..Look...put up or shut up man...Dont f*cking waste my time...Time is MONEY!" I walked out the door and this sales manager was practically on his knees kissing my ass on the way out. So I said. okay...lets make a deal...get me the Black on Black touring within 90 days here's $500.00 cash. The guy told me that since it is such a HOT item that am required to put down $1,500.00.

So here was my response to him," see I have 40K of Benjamin Franklin in my backpack..Am here to pick an MDX not to waste my time with you. I will leave my $40K in CASH here. YOu give me the keys to that GREEN MDX that is in the parking lot..." when mine comes in I will return it...HAHAHAHA the whiteness that was on his face... So I gave him the good American MIDDLE FINGER and left... Assholes!
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acura of riverside is full of crooks...

I wish I would have seen this site before I went to riverside acura. They are also telling me that I have to pay for the accesories, but worst of all they didnt even tell me they were on the car until I went to sign papers and then they said it was included in the car when I asked if I was paying for them and they kepted telling me that the price of the car was 33,300.00 They never told me the total price I was paying for the car. When I finally figured it out they told me that Im a grown women and it isnt their fault I didnt read my contract. They are total jerks and most of all they devalue the acura. every time I look at my car it makes me ill. Everyone stay away from acura of riverside they are liars and rip-offs.
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