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I've been around this board on-and-off a long time as my 2003 has served me well. Started looking at a new RDX or MDX as a replacement and there is too much knowledge here to ignore!

My 2003 Touring is about to turn 200,000 miles and it has really been trouble free. Engine runs like a champ, transmission and torque converter continue to do well too, and overall the car is in very good shape. Likely give to my daughter or another family member so this means something new.

RDX - The reviews are OK but not stellar. Say the road noise is horrible, ride is just OK, and mileage isn't that good either. I know Honda has never done well with road noise, and apparently they still have not figured it out. Must be spending all their time on airbag issues.

MDX - Just read the 2016 reviews and lots of complaints on the transmission. Folks are saying it's constantly hunting for a gear. Likely a software issue, but why did this get to the field? Honda has had enough bruises on transmission problems of late. Drivers are saying the '16 MDX is very quiet, yet the RDX is noisy? Maybe that really isn't the case. What else are folks reporting with their 2016's? Did folks who bought a MDX compare or consider the RDX? I read the thread on pricing I'll start working on quotes to see what dealers are offering. Another option is to pick up a '15 and avoid this transmission issue. In 2003 I went through this, as the 01 and 02 units had issues, and '03 was the first year with a new tranny. Looks like my luck is back, with a new tranny model in '16.

What say you, folks of recent '15 and '16 purchases? What do you like, what's a disappointment (besides the darn audio systems - simple is no more), and what was the key reason(s) you made the decision you did? Since my 2003 is doing so well, the family CFO (wife) says we should just keep simple and it works - payment money can go a long way in repairs and maintenance. But I miss the new safety features.
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