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Hi everyone.
I just called my leasing company and asked them about residuals on 2002 vs. 2003. (I am in that dilemna of getting a 2002 for $1000 below MRSP, vs. wait for 2003 and pay new, likely higher, MRSP). I was hoping that the residual value on the 2002 would be so horrendously bad compared to the 2003, that I would have an easy decision to make.
So they punched the numbers in the computer, and even though the 2003 is not available yet, the Residual Value is already in the system.

These numbers are for 15K/year 36 months. Closed end lease.

2002 MDX Touring: 56%
2003 MDX Touring: 58%
2003 Hummer H2: 47%

so...only 2% difference? I honestly thought it would be alot more.
Funny about the Hummer Residual Values...

Soon to be MDX owner...2002 vs. 2003 TBA.
2001 Spa-Yellow Pearl Acura NSX-T.
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