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I had 3 seat heater switch lightbulbs out - one of the yellow temp indicators, and both of the switches soft green backlight bulbs. I didn't even realize the backlights in most of the switches was soft green until I saw the filter.

So I found this thread that went over replacing the bulbs

Which is basically to buy each bulb for $4.50 from Honda, which I thought sorta offensive pricing, and then really offensive to have to pay $15 shipping. I tried 3 different sites and the combination kept coming up to $30+ for 3 tiny bulbs.

Then I found this thread that goes into alternatives

At first from the cruddy Honda parts diagrams, I thought these were bulbs epoxied in custom length base posts, and probably not reusable. But turns out that's wrong. The raw bulbs run $0.70 from Mouser, and they ship for $8. The bases I think are T1 neowedge, and reusable. The only thing custom is the color filters that are also reusable.

The backlight bulb 35854-S3V-A01 is 14 volt 40 ma. It has a dark green rubber filter over it. The replacement bulb is a Mouser 560-23

The temp indicator bulb 35855-S3V-A01 is a 14 volt 60 ma bulb. It has a yellow rubber filter over it. The replacement bulb is a Mouser 560-8111, which is 65 ma but close enough.

The bases twist out about 22 degrees from the switch. But they don't release on their own, and they are very fiddly to pry out of the switch housing. Once you get them out, DON'T try to pull off the rubber color filter or you will tear it and have to buy new bulbs from Honda, or do what I did on my green ones.

Untwist the bulb wire from the base and pull the bulb out. Carefully roll the color filter "condom" up from the bottom, over the head of the old bulb. On the new bulb before you install into the base, roll the same condom starting at the bulb head, down. Insert the wires through the base, wrap, and cut. You can use fingernail scissors, but I had jewelers side cut pliers. Put the bulb back in the switch.

Now what you can do if you ruined (at least the dark green) color filter like I did - I didn't want to spend a bunch of time sourcing these, so I tried cutting a tiny bit of green electrical tape and wrap around the bulb. This is very fiddly. I ended up having to insert the rolled up electric tape into the base first. Then I inserted the bulb wires through the tape and base. As I pulled the bulb down in, the tape stayed squeezed down into the base.

Be sure the seam is lined up with one of the cam locks in the base. Now as you insert the bulb into the switch, and turn it clockwise, you have to pick the orientation (there are 2 permissible orientations) that the tape seam will face down towards the electrical connector of the switch when turned and seated. If you orient it the other way the seam faces up towards the switch face, and ruins the soft green backlight effect.

When you face it correctly, it's crazy how close to accurate the color and brightness is to the rest of the dashboard button backlights. My destruction and recovery hacks don't usually turn out this nice.

I feel much better giving Honda the finger over $20. Though if I count my time ruining the bulb filter and figuring out a fix, getting from Honda would have probably been cheaper!

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