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I recently became the owner of a 2008 MDX Elite which had a number of issues that needed repair. It is now driving great, but the factory NAV does not work, and I do not have Bluetooth, and the factory iPhone/iPod connectivity is basically useless because it is over 10 years old.

Is it possible to replace the headunit only and retain the factory amplifier and speakers? I know the factory speakers are a ridiculously low impedance, so you can't use factory speakers with just upgrading the amp.

I've seen some wiring diagrams of the amplifier connectors. Wondering - could I use the PRE-OUTS (as oposed to speaker level outputs) on an after-market head unit to connect to the PRE-IN connectors on Connector A on the amplifier and then just continue using that factory amp and speakers?

Has anyone done this? I will eventually replace speakers too, but just wanted the quicker fix with headunit only for now. Any help or sharing of past experiences would be greatly appreciated!
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