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I bought my 04 MDX Touring with Bose system with a busted front amp. I bypassed the amp and so my speakers work now. Also replaced Head Unit.

So I've never listened to this factory system in its full "glory".

I know I want a new sub in there, but would it sound better to get a shallow 10" (what's the right depth?) to replace the current factory one? Or ignore factory one and get a box to put in the trunk?

I'm no audiophile. Just don't wanna waste time replacing the factory sub if it won't sound good, but don't wanna waste trunk space if a box would sound the same as original enclosure.

In either case I know I'll need a new amp for the sub. Haven't thought about replacing the front-amp. What kind of amp would I need for the front?

Thanks for any tips. What's your setup?
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