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Just back from 5 days of vacation, and rented a QX60 from Avis. FWD version, with no base car.

Compared to the MDX, the front seats were much more supportive. The QX wins in this category. The ride is smoother as well. Suspension is quieter. The interior looks more luxurious, with nice touches and softer lighting. The key fob remote is much smaller and lighter than the MDX. Turning radius was also very good, for U-Turns.

I did not like the CVT. I drove it Sport mode. ECO mode was lacking power. Driving around town at a steady 35-40 mph, the engine had this "groan" to it, with some drag..until you almost came to a stop when it seemed to "disengage". Starting from a stop, there is a slight hesitation while it the CVT seems to "engage" again. It does, however, have a very smooth 0-60 as the CVT does its thing.

Cruising at 80 mph on flat highways in Florida, it did great. RPM held around 2K. Fuel economy was not great, 21 MPG highway with 4 passengers and luggage and A/C on. The vehicle rides much better at highway speeds. However, there was some wind noise.

Overall, happy to be back home in the MDX.
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