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Removing sunscreen from leather interior

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Does anyone have any good leather cleaning tips? Sun screen from my arms has gotten on to the leather interior and does not seem to come off easily. I was hoping someone could lend some advise.
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I don't know about the ACURA leather interior...BUT...I got a severe amount of baby oil on a leather jacket once and used talcum powder to pull as much of it out as possible...then washed the area with a Glycerin Soap Bar and then used some leather reconditioner and it turned out pretty well. Zaino makes a good leather conditioner or you can pick up some decent stuff at the auto parts place. You can safely put a little water on leather without much effect...but if you wash it, as you would with the glycerin soap bar, you must remember to use a conditioner to replace oils so it doesn't dry out.

Others may have different opinions and I'd check with Tim. Also might want to check Saddlery shops. I've seen some people use Murphy Oil Soap on saddles...but don't know the procedure.
Lexol makes a great leather cleaner. However, I have no idea whether it will work with sunscreen or not.

You can find Lexol at most auto supply shops.
I vote for Lexol (tho I've never tried DMor's approach). You can usually find it @ hardware stores, too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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