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Remote Starter

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I was told by my dealer (at Motorcars - Bedford Heights Ohio) that remote starter would be a dealer installed option... Apparently, this would not affect warranty and it would provide by itself auto-locking doors...(!)
Initially reluctant to the idea, but now not so sure...Would anybody else around consider it?
Any idea how much would it be?
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Follow up on remote starter

Did you have the remote starter installed? What are your thoughts?

zhangg3 said:

Could you please elaborate on what kind of problems you've seen with remote starter. I am leaning towards having one (clifford matrix) installed but what too be aware of potential problems I am going to face.

Thanks a lot!
Audiovox Pursuit

Anyone have any comments on the Audiovox Pursuit? I was just quoted $349 installed for a remote starter only (i.e. no alarm since the car already has it). Claimed 1000 foot range. It does not have 2-way communication, although most of the time I will be able to see the car when I'm remote starting it, and if I couldn't see it, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable starting it.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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