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Remote Starter

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I was told by my dealer (at Motorcars - Bedford Heights Ohio) that remote starter would be a dealer installed option... Apparently, this would not affect warranty and it would provide by itself auto-locking doors...(!)
Initially reluctant to the idea, but now not so sure...Would anybody else around consider it?
Any idea how much would it be?
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Some details about remote starter

Just found out from my dealer:
-the device is not manufactured by Acura and, of course, is not covered by Acura warranty
-being dealer installed, it would not affect original Acura warranty
-they currently install it on Volvos and other Acuras and there were no problems so far
-when activated, engine starts but doors and steering wheel remain locked, so you can remotely warm-up the engine or seat cushions during winter time or cool down the interior in hot weather
-price is 399 plus tax

What I didn't find out:
-who's manufacturing it or any details about warranty
-weather or not it works the other way around (being able to stop the engine while running with the key in ignition - imagine that happening accidentally while in traffic!)

Has anybody had it before? Is it practical and does it really worth 399 plus tax?
Any opinion appreciated!
Thank you
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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