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Has anyone tried to register their MDX in the owner's area of When I put in the VIN of my MDX, it gave me an error message that said it was an invalid VIN. I then tried to register without the VIN and when I went to select a model, MDX was not an option.

Just wondering if any of you knew anything about this and if there was any value to registering at the website, and if so, why is there no MDX listed under model selections.


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Something is wrong!

I registered both of my Acuras a few weeks ago. I looked at the site last week, and both were still there. When I logged in today, it only shows my '91 Integra; the MDX is gone. I hope there isn't some sinister meaning to this (are we such a rowdy bunch that they are disowning us? :p

I tried to reregister the MDX, and it wouldn't take my VIN and didn't show MDX in the list for me either:mad: . Like so many commercial sites doesn't have any decent way to inform the operators that something is wrong with their site. They seem to think that any problem we are having is at our end, so the FAQ should be all we need. (I just struggled with a similar problem at, so this is touchy area for me.)
- Conrad
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