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RedRock, Running Boards, and the Hike

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we just picked up our Redrock base on saturday afternoon. i didn't have time to put the running boards and BSMs on due to a work christmas party. so sunday morning at 8am and 37 degrees in ohio, i got my tools and accessories ready to put on. running boards first. it took 2 hours for me to do it; very easy installation, just time consuming. i had to wait for the condensation to evaporate before i could put on the BSMs. by that time, the kids were around and wanted to help.:eek: :eek:

when all was done, i had the kids 'test' the vehicle (ingress, egress, sitting positions, etc). both my 5.5 year old and the 2.34 year old skipped right past the running boards when climbing in.:eek: after all that money and time, my youngest just hiked his knee/leg up and in. then it was my wife's turn (her x anyways) to test the boards. she too skipped right past them.:mad: "oh, i forgot they were there. i'm so used to my montero that i forgot." not to mention that she just saw the kids hike their legs up and made mention that they didn't use the running boards.

BTW, Redrock is the coolest color (with saddle interior, of course)! it changes with the lighting (firepepper red, cranberry, candy-apple red to name a few). maybe it's my rose-colored glasses.:D i don't have a digital camera to post pics, but it seems that i am the second-to-the-last person on earth to get an x (davegood, of course being the last to get a redrock), so everyone knows what it looks like.;)
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I did have my running boards for the same reason that you had and seems like it doesn't get used much at all. However, it looks nice.:) I found out that running boards help prevent getting dirt or any other stuff from the road on your nice RedRock paint. Even if you have the the front mud guards, you will still get some on the body. With the running boards, your paint is safe at least on the doors.

BTW, congratulations and enjoy:)
I installed my BSMs and side steps today. I did the BSMs first. It took me about 20 minutes to do both sides. Pretty simple, most of the time was to set up the alignment. BSMs look very good on Redrock.

For the side steps, it took me about an 1 1/2 hours. It's quite simple. Just too time consuming. I wish I had better tools to get this done faster. BTW, I did not really follow the torque specitications. I just went to hand tight on all the bolts. I hope it's ok.

My wife did tell me that the 'X is lower than the Montero Sport. My 3 yr old daughter however was the first one to use the side step. It made her getting into the car very east.

And Yeah, Redrock is the color! It's a real charm.

i, too, used my highly technical knowledge of what 18 lbs. of torque feels like - ergghh, arrgghh. yep, that's 18 lbs.:D

how do you like the side steps? i liked the stainless maniks, but my wife liked the subtle integrated look of the boards. she finally used them this morning. i think the quality of them is quite high. they are aluminum with a rubbery coating on the steps.
It's coming...

Thanks for keeping me in mind as you enjoy your RedRock MDX. Mine is scheduled to be built from the 15th to the 19th, so it won't be long now.....

Please post pictures when you get a chance. I'm also going to add either the boards or steps, as we have a 1 yr. old, and I think that she could use them in another year or two.

Still don't know if I'm gonna do the boards or steps, tho.

I know the anxiety. I do apologize that I did not post any pictures. It's been real cloudy and rainding all week and couldn't really find a good time for pictures.

You will certainly be happy with your Redrock color. I can not tell you how much I love this color. It's just awesome.

Redrock: I didn't know much about the Maniks. Just learnt' about them after I ordered the OEMs from Tim. I do like the black look on Red. It matches pretty well.
I have a three year old an a six month old so I got the running boards with them in mind. I've found that often my son does not use the boards to get in, but almost always does when getting out. they do help him quite a bit for getting out of the truck.

I also got my Redrock a short time ago -- two days before Thanksgiving.
Beautiful, isn't it? And drives great too.
It was a replacement for an old Jeep Cherokee, and what a difference...!!!
The MDX doesn't drive quite like my BMW 740, but I guess I shouldn't compare a SUV with a Sedan.
Enjoy it healthfully.
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