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Red Rocks!

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Picked it up last night. Red Rock Pearl with Nav and Touring. We added rear mud flaps, cargo liner (for our dog), wheel locks, and wood shift knob. Great experience with Davis Acura in Langhorne, PA. No overcharge, no forced options, no hassle. They're great and have a new, expanded dealership.

The color is great. We bought it off the paint chip they had and I looked forward to seeing the red rock pix in this forum... The pix here don't do the color justice at all. My wife is thrilled with the new car (replaced her Chrysler T&C).
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Ok Ok.. It is not the pictures here... it is your monitor! :D

Congratulations to you... When I bought mine, I have not seen a real Red Rock.. and 3 months later, I have not seen another Red Rock around. The MDX lilterature Red Rock differs from the real thing for about ten miles.
Red.. the changing color

:) Having my first red car just got me to check out other red colors more!

The MDX Red Rock is really like nothing else. The color swing really shows depends on the weather. For a bright sunny day, you see one heck of a happy red. For a cloudy day, you see a totally different sleeping beauty red.

IRONED said:
THAT'S A BEAUTIFUL COLOR. I have yet to see a red rock pearl. I guess that if I do spot one on the streets of Memphis, it'll be RedMdxMemphis!
Hey... just notice you are in Memphis. :) The dealer had another one on order. I was the 2nd buyer actually but Red Rock Touring Navi came out first so I got it. There must be some more since but I have not seen another Red Rock Perl around.
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