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What reviewers liked most about the Acura MDX:
"The MDX offers seven-passenger capacity and a unique four-wheel-drive system that prevents skids almost before they occur. All this is wrapped in a neat... package with the calm attention to detail expected of things Honda." -- New Car Test Drive

"...provides one of the most appealing balances of comfort, performance, utility, safety, and style in the $35,000-to-$40,000 mid-size-SUV segment." -- Automobile

"The 24-valve, all-aluminum engine, which is mated to a five-speed automatic transmission, is derived from the new V-6 in the CL coupe and is capable of propelling the MDX to 60 mph in less than nine seconds." -- Automobile

"The chassis's wide front and rear tracks and low roll center (6.2 inches above the ground) contribute to a genuine feeling of stability and control; this is not a tippy SUV." -- Automobile

"A novel addition to the nav[igation] system, uniquely appropriate for a vehicle equipped to seek out the uncharted outbacks, is a feature that leaves 'electronic bread crumbs' on screen." -- New Car Test Drive

"Acura provides an 'unstuck' button on the dash (that's what it says) that locks the differential progressively to get out of really tough situations." -- New Car Test Drive

"...there's a vent tube for the differential so that water won't get into it when you are bumper deep (actually up to 18 inches) in a creek." -- New Car Test Drive

"...slick-folding third row of seats provides excellent versatility in this voluminous package." -- Car and Driver

What reviewers liked least about the Acura MDX:
"...a few owners, after living with the vehicle for a while, long for more power." -- AutoWeek

"Some tire noise infiltrates the cabin, due in part to the aggressive tread pattern on the P235/65R-17 Goodyears on our test vehicle." -- AutoWeek

"...doesn't have a 4WD-low gear range and the towing capacity is low..." --

Acura MDX Comparisons:
"With... EPA rating of 17 city and 23 highway, the MDX of the most fuel-efficient... in its class." --

"The MDX is far more refined than any of its domestic competitors, it's better looking than the Mercedes-Benz M-class, and it's much roomier than the Lexus RX300 and the BMW X5." -- Automobile

"Though it doesn't look it, the MDX is bigger than all of its competitors." -- Canadian Driver

"The MDX's standard engine is the most powerful V6 in its class: a 240 horsepower 3.5 litre SOHC V6..." -- Canadian Driver

"more power, more room, three rows of seats (not two) and better winter traction [than Lexus RX300]." -- USA Today

Best one-liners about the Acura MDX:
"...a box-gobbling, seven-passenger Jonah's whale of a vehicle that didn't need a... gas-guzzling V-8 to make the whole package work." -- The Car Connection

"...the new 'it' truck among suburbanite sport-utility vehicles..." -- USA Today

"...kicked the goobers out of rivals on snow and slush in the Rocky Mountains." -- USA Today

"...we pity the two folks spending any time in the third seat." -- AutoWeek
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