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Recall, seat belt switch

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A friend of mine got her MDX back in November. A few weeks ago she received a recall notice in the mail regarding the need to replace a seat belt switch of some sort. She lost the notice during a recent move and doesn't remember the particulars. Anyone else receive a recall notice like this? I've had my MDX since March and haven't received a notice. I've done a search in the forum and can't find anything about this.


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Try this link and scan down to RECALL INFO - NHTSA database. In case it doesn't post it's Hope this helps!! ((FYI-their server is often 'down' so be patient.))
Why not try searching for "seat belt harness recall".

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I think Tim also posts TSBs and Recalls on his site at
TheWorm said:
I think Tim also posts TSBs and Recalls on his site at're right! But it isn't EZ to get to. When I pull up Tim's site...I jump straight for the HTML option and the LINKS don't display along the bottom. So...if you need to pull the TSB's up...

Visit hondacuraworld
Click Flashsite Option and click "SKIP INTRO"...then it loads with the
"Service Bulletins" link along the bottom. If you wait for the Intro to won't get the links along the bottom of the Netscape, anyway.

Hope this helps?
You're right...the site nav has changed recently (within the past week or so)...I can't find 'em @ all on the HTML site.
WELL...this calls for a TSB on Tim's site I guess! :)
Here you are

Actual recall documentation:

<a href="">Page 1</a>
<a href="">Page 2</a>
<a href="">Page 3</a>
<a href="">Page 4</a><br>

Thanks to everyone for the information about the seatbelt wiring harness problem. After 3000 miles on my MDX the only problem I've encountered is the "weeping mirrors". I hope my dealer will fix this when I go in for service.
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