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Rear wiper gets loosened at carwash

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Does anyone else have this problem? It seems that whenever I go through the local car wash, the rear wiper gets a little floppy and I have to retighten the arm when I get home.

Could be a side effect from having my hatch open while opening the garage door a few months back, but you would think that tightening the arm would solve the problem.

Should I just find a new car wash place?? Maybe this one is just too rough for my baby ...
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In my area all the washes either cover the wiper with a type of protector or use masking tape to hold it in place,If they don't do this I leave.I had a 2 week old explorer that had the wipe blown down on to the painted surface and ended up with a 6 inch gash that they had to pay two hundred dollars to repair
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