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Rear Wiper Clatter

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The rear wiper on our 2001 MDX has been making a lot of clatter noise when operating. Its real smooth and quiet on the upwards swipe, but on the downward swipe the blade struggles against the glass, making a chattering sound of the rubber struggling against the glass. It sounds terrible.
Worse when it is misty... not quite as bad in a heavy downpour.

The rubber blade appears to be in good condition. There is no metal against glass. just rubber on glass.

The service department says all MDX's do this, and there is nothing they can do. He said that the wind holds the front blades against the window, but in the back the opposite happens, and hence the noise. I find this hard to accept.

We don't have this problem on our mini-van and CRV. Ther rear blades work fine.

I searched this forum, and didn't see any messages on this topic?

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I've got the same problem. I've been considering changing the blade but the rubber looks good and there are no streaks. This is something that just recently started on mine, so next time I take it in for service, I'm going to have them check it out. I'll let you know what they say.
I have not noticed this problem on my 2001 - the wiper is smooth up & down.
I had the exact same problem on mine. The rubber looked fine. I finally had the dealer check it, and they fixed it somehow. I don't know what they did; if they just replaced the wiper blade or what. But it does work fine now.

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