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OKeh, I'll try and answer your question. The only mention of the rear wiper in my service manual for my '03 (probably the same for ALL) is on page 22-198. I would take the arm off for easy blade change, but that's my preference given no other alternatives. First, remove the "cap." This is at the pivot point at the end of the arm. Looks like it just snaps on and off. Under that is a mounting nut that connects the arm to the shaft which drives the wiper arm. The wiper arm then should just lift off (according to the diagram) and you should now have a clear view of how to change the blade without wrestling it on the car. After the change just install in reverse. Torque on the mounting nut, if you care, is 8.8 ft. lbs, but just tighten it and it should stay. DON't crank it down or you'll be in a mess. Hope this helps you and others. Doesn't look like a big job and should take, I would estimate, 20 minutes IF YOU'RE SLOW!

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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