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Rear view on nav screen?

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Is it possible to have rear view monitoring (i.e. Q45) in conjunction with a vhs hook-up to the stock screen? Video jack 1 for vhs or dvd & 2 for backing up. Switch to video 2 with a the pressing of a button or by placing the mdx in reverse. Can the navigation, vhs/dvd, & rear monitor all share the stock screen?
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Most likely.......

With a video source switcher or maybe a little more modification to the RGB1, but I think the other higher upgrade Pioneer unit would solve that problem. The right person to ask is Mr. Video Navi himself. You should P.M. him with your inquiry. By the way in the car audio/video industry anything is possible. Just pick up a copy of a few car audio mags and you can see it for yourself.
First thing you will need is a backup camera. It's best when the backup camera reverses the image, like Accele Electronics or Clarion camera's do. When using the Pioneer AVC-RGB1 you will need a 2 source video switcher because the AVC-RGB1 only has single video input. This could be a manual (switched) or automatic (when car switches into reverse the navi display automatically changes). For automatic use a SPDT relay on the video input that is energized by your rear backup lights. For the Pioneer GEX-P7000TV design this would be a little tricky. Also Poron makes really nice backup sensors that would compliment a video backup system.
That's it? I thought it would be difficult. Jk. Is there a more simple, less expensive way of doing it? I saw on the acura-cl sight a 2" screen by power acoustik, mounted inside of the rearview mirror. It only used up about 1/3 of the mirror area so the rear view mirror was still functional. This person used it for entertainment, but I thought it would be cool to use this as the back up screen and it can be left on whenever the car is in use not affecting the navigation screen at all. Now that would be tight.
This guy did it right for a Honda Odyssey. An AcuraMDX with Video On My Navi could be done similar.

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