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Rear Parking Aid

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I got my 2002 black MDX a month ago, I am very happy with all the features of my car, especially the downward facing side mirrors when in reverse gear. Since I do a lot of reverse parking, I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get some sorts of reverse parking device.
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Do a for Poron and a couple of threads will pop up. A handful of us have it and are happy. Vendor links and install tips by kinmanc are in one of those threads (probably one of the longer ones).
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I did some web searching and found that product called Guardian Alert also does a similar job. It uses radar beam and seems to be more weather-tolerant than other products that uses ultrasonic sensors. The one that caught my interest was the license frame holder that has sensor built-in. I think it's rather pricy though: ~$330+. Here is the link:

Another auto safety gadget I found while browsing is a tire pressure monitor that "continually" monitors pressure while being driven. The pressure sensor and transmitter straps to each wheel before tire is mounted. It uses lithium battery and to save battery, sensor/transmitter turns off when car is not moving. Receiver/display unit mounts inside the cabin. Cost is $230 without installation. Here is the link:

Waiting for my '02 MDX Blk/Blk Tour+Nav
Take a look at this. Only 49.99 Fits on your license plate. Take at look at the .pdf installation instructions on this web page.
Has anyone tried this before?
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