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rear license plate

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anyone having a problem when shutting the rear hatch and the rear license plate coming loose? i used the factory hardware etc, but when i shut the hatch with with what i consider to be normal force, one side of hardware insert holding the license plate to the hatch will pop out. it pops back in with a little pressure, but this doesn't seem right to me. what am i missing?

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Sounds like you should have the dealer look at it because it doesn't sound right. Also, mine came with black Phillips screws which came unthreaded from the plastic inserts. I had the dealer replace them with the brass sheet metal screws that are on the front.

Another problem I may have is hear a rattling sound in the back. At first I thought it was the cover over the storage area on the cargo floor but now I think it is the rear license plate rattling. Wish they had four screws instead of 2 in the back which would solve this.
Yeah the back plate does rattle a lot. Not sure about when driving but is sure makes a racket when you close the lid.

When I first got my x, it had some high-density rubber attached to the front license plate holder. I took a serrated knife and cut a 3/8 thick slice off, with the sticky side on the opposite side. Struck this under my rear license plate, and no more rattle or bang when I close my hatch.
thanks, the first dealer checkup is coming right up, so i will have them take a look. i think the brass screws like the front plate and the rubber should both fix it.
Been there ...

We visited this topic here .

I had my dealer mess with it, and it's been fine since.


MIne came with 2 brass sheet metal screws on the top holes and two rubber cushion at the bottom holes of the rear license plate. Never have a rattle when closing the tailgate. In fact some of the rubber actually protrudes onto the plate now.
Simple Fix

I fixed both the hatch closing rattle along with the bumpy road rattle by simply removing the dealer installed plastic license plate frame. This was the source of the rattle all along not the plate. The front plate frame doesn't rattle because it is fastened by 4 not 2 screws. Don't know why it took me 6 months to figure this one out.:eek: Oh, I know why, I always play my stereo loud so I don't hear the wind noise!;)
Could not mount license plate cover

Tried to mount a license plate cover (my alma mater), but the cheap screws and the plastic housing fell apart. Have not yet gone to the dealer, but the whole setup looks pretty cheap.
If you have the cheap black phillips screws in back go to your dealer or take two of the front brass sheet metal screws off the front license plate frame and use them in back. They are thicker and fit more tightly into the plastic holes. You should be able to put your frame on using these screws.
When I turn up my sub I can hear the rear plate ratteling.
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