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Rear Differential

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Does any body know if the rear differential (for 4WD) is really needed very time you have an engine oil change?
I sent my MDX last weekend to the dealer for the first oil change (@4200 miles) and they suggested changing the rear differential oil. I didn't have them change it because the cost was $87.99 +tax.
I checked in the manual and it mentions that the engine oil and rear differential oil needs to be changed every 7500 miles.
First of all, does the oil need to be changed or just check its level?
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Actually, the owner's manual says to replace the Diff Fluid at the 7,500 mile point. The next replacement under normal conditions is at the 30,000 miles point and then every 30,000 miles there after. The severe schedule simply changes the 30,000s to 15,000.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Acura considered it very important to go to the 7,500 mile point before changing the fluid for proper break-in...I can't remember where though...

It sounds to me like the service department is trying to pad their bottom line. Be careful with dealer recommendations. If the manual doesn't require it, and the dealer claims its required, tell them that because it differs from what the manufacturer requires, it should probably be done under warranty (i.e. for free).

For what it's worth, I am speaking from a lesson hard learned. I ended up winning in the end, the manufacturer MADE the dealer refund my money, but the process was long and somewhat painful.

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