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Rear Cargo Cover Defective?

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I just received my Cargo Cover from Tim in the mail. In inspecting the cover I have discovered that one of the cap ends is not secure and causes the cover to telescope out of the sheath when held that end down. This requires me to roll the cover back up by hand and place it back in he sheath as the spring coil loses its coil when this happen. This seems a little delicate. Please tell me this is not normal.

When placed in the MDX the walls hold the ends on but I would hate to think I have to be conscious of the lose end when removing and installing the cover.
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I was planning to order a cover real soon. Suggest you call Tim and explain the situation. I am sure he will have a good explanation or else send you another one.
I recently purchased a cover from Tim and have had no trouble. The right side is spring loaded to allow you to install it. Perhaps you took the end off the wind spring unwound?

Call Tim, I'm sure he can talk you though it, or replace it if defective.
Tim has a good return policy - I got a cargo cover that was all scratched up and he paid for return shipping and sent me a new one. . . give him a ring.
Tim is the best.

The cargo cover I got did not retract back in and I had to put it in myself. Tim has always been there for any problems we have all had.

I just got lucky - when I took my MDX in locally for an oil change (Rallye Acura in Long Island) they noticed the problem with my cargo tray and replaced it free of charge even though I did not purchase it from them.

They have a great service department.

I would have contacted Tim back otherwise and I am 100% confident it would not have been a problem.
Give me a call on Monday, I'll be glad to handle it.
All is Well with HondAcuraWorld

I made a call to Tim on Monday and spoke to someone else in his department. I can say that Tim is not the only person of quality in that organization. Spoke very briefly with this gentlemen, I belive his name was Sean, and was told to expect a replacement. I recieved that replacement yesterday.

I am very happy with the service. Thank you HondAcuraWorld and everyone on this baord who recommended them.
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