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Rear brake noise on cold start

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Have you experienced rear brake noise on a cold start? After a cold start, if I slowly brake it for a stop sign or slow down, I could feel like the ABS started to work or there is a squakie noise from the rear end. It eventually went off after it was warmed up. I thought it was the THUD or gas tank, and it did not sound the same.

I asked my dealer, they told me it is known and normal since MDX is heavier (than aregular vehicle). The dealer said it is not a THUD, even I printed your TSB and showed to them.


D MDXer, 2001 Mesa Beige MDX w/Touring Package

p.s. I searched the keyword "brake" in the database, and did not find a relative post
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This is ridiculous. I have this problem on my 2001 MDX and when I mention it to the dealer, they look at me like I'm from Mars. I mean c'mon, I know they must hear the same complaint from customers all the time, so not sure why they don't acknowledge the issue. It's embarrasing to have my luxury SUV making this god-awful noise in my son's daycare parking lot...I truly have to look around to make sure there's not any kids nearby as it scares them.

It doesn't sound as if anyone has come across an acknowledgement of the problem by the dealers, let alone a solution?!
Thanks hawgplt56. That's the first real explanation I've heard on this issue. I guess I should have stayed in Tucson, where I originally bought my MDX (Beaudry Acura) as they seem to at least have some clue.

Curious as to why this problem seems to get worse over time, and is more of an issue for some than others? I assume that all MDX come with the same smaller size rear disks, so there must be something that causes this problem to be more pronounced in some vehicles. If there is a cause, I'd assume there could be a solution. It sounds like Acura is fully aware of the problem and has taken the position that this is normal, and nobody is really pushing them on this.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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