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Rear brake noise on cold start

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Have you experienced rear brake noise on a cold start? After a cold start, if I slowly brake it for a stop sign or slow down, I could feel like the ABS started to work or there is a squakie noise from the rear end. It eventually went off after it was warmed up. I thought it was the THUD or gas tank, and it did not sound the same.

I asked my dealer, they told me it is known and normal since MDX is heavier (than aregular vehicle). The dealer said it is not a THUD, even I printed your TSB and showed to them.


D MDXer, 2001 Mesa Beige MDX w/Touring Package

p.s. I searched the keyword "brake" in the database, and did not find a relative post
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Yes- have same annoying problem. Dealer says no big deal - but to me anything with brakes IS A BIG DEAL. They should not be clunking - it sounds likes something is loose in right rear brake. Unfortunealty,No solution.
cold brakes?!?

Thats a good one. Havent heard that before.
Just what in the heck are "cold brakes"?
Are brakes supposed to clunk?

That is response drivel we get from these people who cant figure out how to fix something. My dealer "lubricated" brakes and they felt then like there was some slippage when first braking . In no time lubricant wore off and back to same problem of clicking / clunking at first braking.
I invite anyone else to note noticed this? Found any solution?
Maybe this is ABS calibrating? Just concerned that it maybe
safety issue.....
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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