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I've found a web site that has "real wood" dash kits.... Real wood cost real money so the're not cheap.

Web site is

Here is message I've gotten when I asked some questions:

Dear Mr. Reardon,

Thank you for your interest in our dash kits. It sounds like you are very enthusiastic!
I hope I can answer your questions satisfactorily.

1. All our wood dash kits are made of real woods. NO synthetics at all.
2. We do not sell partial kits, however if you are a previous customer and need a replacement piece, you can order such a piece from us.
3. If you and another member were to both order kits at the same time, I would give a $25 discount to each customer, but I cannot give discounts on the hope or intention of multiple sales (we already
discount 20% off retail and offer free shipping!)
4. Once ordered, the kits take 5-7 business days to be cut (each is made specific to each order) and is then sent out FedEx 2Day Air.
5. Our adhesive does not require (in fact, we warn agianst using them) adhesive promoters. Each dash kit piece comes with a custom cut piece of 3M Industrial Tape of the back. With a perfectly cleaned,
oil and residue free dash, this will adhere for the life of the vehicle.

I hope this was helpful, please let me know if I can assist you further. Again, if you and a fellow MDX owner purchase from us within a couple days of eachother, the discount can be given in the form of
a rebate or credit to your credit card. We are a small business and can't give away too much too soon, but we are honest and fair and would certainly hold up to our word.

Best Regards,
Betsy Streeter
Streeter Motorsports.

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Updated info

Just traded a few more e-mails with Betty. They have another kit which appears to be the Touring/Nav version. I sent them little tutorial on the four versions of MDX's and how they could make the four kits from the parts they have in inventory. Betty seemed very appreciative of this lesson.

Don't know about exact color match but I would assume that if the items didn't match you could return them. I would make the call if your interested.
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