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Rattle behind driver's left ear

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Sounds like it MAY be above the left rear door or near the ceiling mount for the ctr 2nd row shldr belt. Comes and goes. Happens below 30 mph on slightly rough pavement. Sounds like loose parts hitting one another (non-metallic, though) when vibration gets them going.
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I've heard that recently too and believe it was emanating from the metal part of the seat belt where it's affixed to the pillar.


I had a similar sound on my first drive off the dealer lot. I investigated and found that the 2nd row outer seat belt clips tend to fall between the seat and the door and rattle on the plastic seat trim. Repositioning the hanging belt solved the problem.
I had bdespain's problem earlier - it's different. Also I visually ruled out the seatbelt hitting the pillar when the noise was occurring. Thanks both of you anyway.
Any other thoughts?
More obvious ones:

Is your 2nd row center seatbelt being used? There is a small tab to use when it's up in the ceiling that secures it so it doesn't move -- easy to miss.

Would you happen to have the seperation net? Mine sometimes comes loose and bangs on the backs of the seats and sides.

Stabs in the dark, I know...
2nd row ctr shoulder belt is attached for use so the "stow" clip is not as issue. The dealer thought at first that a spring inside of the ceiling attachment for that belt was at fault, but the noise has come back despite them having tightened the spring.
Sorry for the misleading trail - the problem did indeed turn out to be the problem that "bdespain" described, "the 2nd row outer seat belt clips tend to fall between the seat and the door and rattle on the plastic seat trim."

Thought I had eliminated it, but was then fooled later. The sound travels so that it sounds like it's coming from behind the drivers left ear, when in fact it's originating much lower.

You have to carefully turn the (outer rear) belt tangs the proper way when getting out of them so they don't hit the door pillar plastic.
has a similar problem with noise from the driver's door.

after investigating for a few days, I determined it was my
sunglass case I threw in the door compartment, as I leave the
sunglasses in the overhead compartment.:eek: :eek:

:31: :31: :31:
jmj said:
Still I should not have to shove a towel in the seat of a 40k vehicle. :mad:
Or if you do, it should be no ordinary towel!
Got the same problem as jmj described. So far I haven't been able to locate the source. Now I have to figure out where to shove the towel.

I understand the frustration. It's like... reaching the back seat try to press things down to find the problem while driving. I'll try to find the cause this weekend. Keep informed.
pull the second row seat

i had same problem
all i did was slide the second row seat all the way back, and adjust the recliner to the max.
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