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Radio signal

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Has anybody had problems with the radio signal eg: weak stations. If so has anyone added an antenna booster or other item.
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I've noticed that the '01 MDX I bought recently has much worse AM reception that my '04 TL. I used to sit in the parking garage at work and listen to the radio over lunch, no way I can do that with the MDX.

Big thanks to TheWorm! I finally got around to getting my AM reception taken care of. When I described the problem over the phone to the service advisor you could just tell he was starting to blow me off until I gave him the details from your post.

Just got the MDX back today, they tried everything mentioned in that Techline summary and ended up doing a "Goodwill" replacement of the antenna. Huge improvement.

This place is great!
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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