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radio reception goes out

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Has anyone had a problem with the reception (bose system)? I loose my station (get static), turn the radio off than on and get the station again real clear. Go a few miles and loose the station again. Will bring it to dealer next week but any ideas would be appreciated
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There were a couple of times I noticed static with my radio on fairly strong stations. I did not try turning off the radio and back on again. I will try that next time. It acted like it didnt have an antenna, and I was wondering if there was a loose antenna connection. I plan to keep a close eye on this.
Directly under the antenna, there's a very small antenna amplifier. Unfortunately, it's above the headliner so you can't get to it easily. It could be a flaky antenna amp, or a bad connection anywhere between the antenna and the radio, or a flaky radio. No easy way to tell, I fear.
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