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I was looking around but couldn't find step by step instructions for replacing the radiator on my MDX (2006). If someone could point me to a thread, YouTube video, or online instructions, it would be very helpful.

I'm going to replace the trans fluid (from the trans) when I do the radiator. I know how to drain the trans fluid and fill it. My question: since I'm replacing the radiator what about the air that is in the trans fluid portion of the radiator? Are there steps I have to do to make sure the air is bled or level is correct when I switch out the radiator?

What I was planning on doing was to remove the radiator, hoses, etc. drain the trans fluid from the trans. Then install the radiator, hoses, etc. and fill the trans with fluid. After install run through the bleeding process for the coolant from another thread on this forum.

Any help, suggestions, etc. would be much appreciated.
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