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Quick way to map display?

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I just got my MDX and like to use the navi as I drive locally. Is there some way I can get to a map display without having to put in a destination? What I do now is put in a destination and then when I get off course I just don't request a revised course. This is easy enough but I thought there might be a quicker way.
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You bet, just push the map/guide button, it will display where you are.

Also, if you touch the screen icon, it will read out your latitude, longitude and elevation. :cool:
It is fun to see the landscape such as lake or park when you just use map while driving. I started to realize there are lakes which I never knew exist.. it is like an entertainment on the road yet this thing will take you to an address at midnight without you having to try.
Be careful with your new gadget. It's easy to spend too much time looking at it especially when it's new. I'm surprised we don't hear of more crashes. Even after 10,000 miles, I find myself gawking at it instead of the road.
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