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Hi- purchased my first MDX a year ago. It is a 2005 White Touring model. So far I love it. Drives very smoothly and has been very reliable. Purchased this car after my brother raved about how great his has been. He has an '05 and '12 model, the older one with 225k miles on it and going strong.
Mine now has about 160k miles. I would like to drive it at least for the next 7-10 years. Longer if possible. Ideally it would become my kids' first vehicle, in about 4 years.
I joined this forum because I need to become more of a geek about this car. I can't just expect it to run without knowing more about it. I am aware of the proverbial transmission issues MDXs can have, so I want to familiarize myself with that particular subject.
Looking forward to participating in this forum!
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