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Question on parking brake

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I noticed that I have to step on parking brake real hard to keep the car from sliding backward in my drive way(I tested it in N gear). Is it normal for all MDX? I didn't have to apply the parking brake so hard with my previous car. (User manual did state that parking brake need to be applied firmly, though)
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I've had them adjust my E-Brake (parking brake) 3 times -- and it still doesn't hold the vehicle on a steep incline.

Same on my MDX

I found early on that I had to make sure the parking brake went down as far as possible to hold car on an incline. If ratchet isn't on last click only the parking gear will be stopping the MDX from rolling backwards. Therefore I'm very careful when parking on steep grades. I put the car in neutral and make sure the parking brake holds the car from rolling backwards before I put the vehicle in park.

I have the same problem, my driveway is a slight incline and it rolls back when its in park. But if I puch the peddle ALL the way down then it wont roll. I have taken it to two different dealers for other services and ask them to check it and both of them told me it was working normally. So I think may try to adjust it myself
Mine, too. To me, the parking brake is the only bad part of the vehicle. My wife's '99 Accord V6 has an easily-pulled console-mounted parking brake lever that works FAR better than the Buick-like stomp-to-set/stomp-to-release pedal in the MDX. Maybe some smart after-marketeer could come up with a kit to replace the pedal with a lever?:)
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