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I have been reading this board about upgrading the speakers and after just picking up my MDX on Friday have realized an upgrade is definately in the works for me.

I am thinking of useing the new Polk GXR6 speakers in the doors (92 db) and Polk GNX10 (93 db) for the sub. My questions are this:

The polk sub comes in single or dual voice coil flavors so I can go to 2 ohms. Is the sub 2 ohm like the door speakers?
I can not find the post that had mounting depth. Can someone post that again?
I am also thinking of replacing the twiddler and trweaters, but the covers seem to be on very tight. Has anyone taken them off to do an upgrade there? If so, have you found a trick to removal.

Thanks for any help or advice anyone can give me.

Kevin Klug
Mesa Beige Touring
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