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Happy 2002 everyone!

Last month, I put my deposit down and signed a purchase order for a 2002, Taffetta White MDX w/ Touring Package @ MSRP, no forced options. The dealer told me that they are expecting it to be delivered the week of January 20th and, that date is also on my purchase order. I've seen many references to folks receiving "build dates", "VIN #'s", etc. from their dealer so, my question to you is, when do you think an appropriate time would be to call and inquire with my dealer about this information?

After hearing all of the horror stories about dealers over-selling their allocations, etc., I almost hate to call. I am looking SO forward to getting this MDX!

Thanks for your thoughts.....


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Welcome to the forum

Charlie, welcome to the forum.

Typical experience is as follows:
A build date range is typically available from Acura to the dealer about 3 weeks before the car is to be built. (for example, Jan 4-8).

By about 2 days after that date range, Acura will provide your dealer with a Vin # as well as let them know exactly what day during the range it was built. You should expect the dealership to receive the car about 10 days after the build date.

So, if they told you 1/20, Acura should have proveded them with a build date range of something like Jan 6-10th. This build date should be available to your dealer by now. RGWomack (a dealer that's a member here) stated that many salespeople do not know how to get to or have access to the allocation report, so you should push to speak to the sales manager if they cannot provide a build date.

Hope this helps -- let us know how it goes.
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