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Question about Breaks

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Hello fellow Canadian MDX drivers,

I was wondering if anyone else has exprienced feedback when they apply the breaks during heavy snow conditions. Feedback like you would get if you were going down a hill on a GT snow racer and suddenly applied the brakes. A grinding like kick from the brake pedal.

I haven't had a vehicle with the combinations of AWD and ABS, so really don't know what to expect. In terms of the breaks, I'm not even sure if my MDX's reaction to snow is normal. Over the weekend, I slid right through a 4 way stop, and fish-tailed on an incline after hitting a patch of black ice, luckily no oncoming traffic. I called the service department at my Acura dealer, and they told me it was normal (the grinding feedback from the breaks), I'm not so sure after what i experienced this weekend. Everytime it snows, (where I live it snows a lot) I'm totally freaked out about driving the MDX over inclines or down inclines, not sure if I'm going stop. Can anyone tell me if this is normal (the part about the breaks, not the part about me freaking out about inclines in snowy conditions).
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Hello Silver2002.

I consider the feedback from the breaks to be normal. It's ABS kicking in. Now since the MDX is a heavy piece of machinery, you might not be used to the amount of feedback.

As far as sliding through stop signs - happened to me as well. I don't rely on ABS, I do the good old "break, release, break release" trick - works great.

Last winter Toronto got a lot of snow, I felt very confident in the MDX. I also took it to South Quebec last winter (even more snow) and it handled itself superbly!
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