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Puddle Noise

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Just wondering if anybody out there in MDX-land hears a loud metallic sound when driving through puddles. The sound is created by sprayed puddle water hitting either my fender flares or the Acura side steps, but it's hard to tell for sure. It definitely comes from the front tire area...

I appreciate any thoughts.
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Do you have running boards? I definitely hear a metalic "woom" when recently running through puddles recently.. I assumed it was related to the water hitting the running boards...
I don't have the running boards, but I do have the side steps.
If you have the ACURA side steps and drive through a large enough puddle, water will wash up and hit the side steps causing a 'whoosh' metallic type sound.

This was discussed a bit last year. It is normal and is due to the fact that the Acura side steps are hollow.

Nothing to worry about:)
Thanks Everybody

Your answers are basically what I expected. My whole motivation was just to be sure they were installed correctly and it wasn't something which I needed to worry about....
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