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Production of 2002 Havusu Blue

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Hi there!

I ordered a Havasu Blue 2002 on 11-10-01, and am told production of MDXs in this color will begin very soon. Does anyone know when they plan on producing MDXs in this color? I have no idea if I'll receive shipment as early as February or as late as June. The dealer suggested that it might be closer to late February since I ordered a new color. But, I'm wondering if that's true if they haven't even begun employing this color yet.

I'm also wondering why hasn't even added the new MDX 2002 colors to the Website.

Later on!
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The only information we have recieved so far has not changed, in the Spring of 2002. I'm guessing May June before production starts.
Havasu Blue

I was told to expect my Havasu Blue MDX in March 2002. Don't know how much stock to put in this though because when I ordered my truck in September, the salesman didn't even know the color was delayed - I told him after reading it here and he didn't believe me. He sheepishly called me about a month later to let me know about the March date.

Kim, still waiting and wishing I had my truck with the foot of snow outside on the roads (Yeah, I know, it's not much compared to Buffalo but to a part of the country that doesn't own snow shovels, doesn't know what a snow blower is and has 4 snow plows in the entire city, a foot is a lot).
I went to an Acura dealership yesterday (Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg, MD), and requested an update on the Havasu Blue 2002 MDX on order. They said that they are still in the process of setting up the new manufacturing plant where MDXs will be painted blue. They expected this plant to be open and ready by January, but they're now saying that it could be February or even late March before it's ready. They're still running the pipes under ground via which the paint will flow. The dealership told me that if it takes until March to prepare the plant that Havasu Blue SUVs won't be ready for delivery until June. I was totally bummed out by this, and have a call out to the salesman with whom I placed the order so that I may verify this information. My buyer's order paper says that they will deliver on or before May. I wonder if they're held to this. I was really hoping that I would receive the SUV in February... I was initially told that since most people didn't know about the Havasu Blue color that I wouldn't have to wait as long for delivery as those who ordered another color.

Until I receive delivery, I'll have to rent a car because my last car was a lease (a balloon lease where I had to either buy the car or turn it in).
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Keep in mind that you don't have a Havasau Blue "ordered" you have a spot on the dealers list when one arrives. Acura builds cars in color batches and dealers don't have a lot of influence over what they receive. As Acura hasn't even officially announced the availability of Havasau Blue, you may be in for a long wait.
Thanks for the reply.
I feel like Acura *has* officially announced these new colors. Although they're not on their Website yet, Acura has been displaying the new colors in their MDX 2002 brochure since late October.
When I left my $1000 deposit on 9/29/2001, the salesman had a 2002 brochure with Havasu Blue color as one of the available colors.

Havasu is in the brochure because they are planning to build it in the 2002 year, but it has a notation "Available Spring 2002". That's when I would plan on it. As far as setting up the new plant so they can paint blue, Horse S***, it's the same plant and same booths, they just paint in batches.
Any pix of this color?

Does the lack of any photos indicate that none in this color have been built?
Sure, the lack of photos of blue MDXs certainly implies that none have been painted this color yet. We're just trying figure out exactly when they'll start painting with this color.

My Acura salesman's manager has a call out to the East Coast Acura Division mgr. in query of when the Havasu Blue MDXs will be ready. My salesman said that he would get back to me in a few days with the response. I'll let you guys know what I learn... hopefully it will be some new information.
the sales manager at my dealership

told me yesterday when i inquired about the delivery for the first of the Havasu Blue models..they said that had just checked on this because they wanted to purchase a Demo for test drive purposes in this color as soon as it becomes available and there is indeed about a month delay on this color production.

they were told earlier that march-april delivery was to be expected but now in reality late april-may looks more likely

just wanted to let you know what i found out..i would have loved to have gotten this color but i dont want to wait any longer

good luck
Production in Feb?

My salesman mentioned that Havasa Blue was supposed to go into production in February yesterday during my buying process.
Until it shows up on the monthly dealers build/delivery sheet, it's still just a pipe dream. From what I understand, dealers are notified about a month in advance of incoming vehicles. I'm sure Roger will let us know when he's notified that they're actually building and shipping Havasau Blue.
I should have my next allocation up in a few days, that will be February into March and no Havasu is available so far. Unfortunately many salespeople/managers think that if you tell the customer February-March, you are more apt to get a deposit, rather than the dealer who is being honest and says possibly May or June. I've said this many times, your salesperson may be telling you what he believes to be the truth based on what his manager is saying to him. I will let everyone know as soon as I find out.
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