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Processing fee

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Just checking to see if anyone else who purchased their vehicle at a VA dealer paid processing fee. I paid $299 at Riddle Acura and am thinking it should have been negotible.
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Unfortunately, Virginia dealers have the legal right to charge pretty ridiculous prices for processing fees, another markup for most dealers. I paid $99 at Pohanka, which is pretty good in this area. In Maryland, they can't charge over $25 or so.
no fee 4 me

i am a md resident and i bought my x from radley. i made clear up front that i was not going to pay any va fees b/c i'm a md resident and accordingly, it was waived.

be sure to state this upon ordering and have it written on the buyer's order.
fee overcharge

i forgot to mention that the va processing fee is $189, not $299!

looks like they pulled a fast one on you.

i tell ya, some of these dealers/salespeople are borderline criminals...

I put my deposit with Pohanka Acura, and their processing fee is $149, written on the order form. Since I'm a Costco member, and they're part of the Costco Auto Program, they waived the fee without me negotiating. So.. at least showing my Costco card helps.
I placed my order with Pohanka over the phone. They agreed to waive the $149 processing fee. Just received my buyers order form and noticed a line for "Dealer's Business License Tax". The amount is blank now but when we do the final sale will they likely try to charge me something? If so, how much?

Ordered SS/touring/nav on 5/6/02 for July allocation and delivery mid-July to mid-August.
Gaithersburg, MD :D
No processing fee from Pohanka Acura in Chantilly.
Ughhh!!! Guess they got me. I got mine at Pohanka in Chantilly as well, but when I tried to argue about it they wouldn't budge - I think it was $199.
Boy did I get taken by Pohanka Chantilly... I paid $249 for a processing fee just this past Monday. I never did see this thread during my negotiations. My Salesman is not going to get a very good review for this one.

For those who have yet to purchase, it pays (saves) to do your research...
errr.. Yes, you should do the research before purchase it. I don't know who is your salesman, but I got it from Bill. [A big/tall black man]

he is really nice to deal with. I got it for MSRP, but had wheel lock, BSM installed for free, plus no processing fee (I believe the paperwork indicated $149, unless they change it) and $300 off accessories.

Anyway... too late. :rolleyes:
If you paid a processing fee of $299 at Riddle Acura (VA) you did great. I just paid $349 at Riddle Acura last week. They would not budge at all on the amount.

What I did get was all the accessories at HONDACURAWORLD prices and no installation fee!:1:
Casique said:
What I did get was all the accessories at HONDACURAWORLD prices and no installation fee!:1:
Not bad........... even you paid high processing fee, but you get the good deal on the accessories + installation. If those accessories and installations were done prior you pick up your X, they are cover by 4yr/50K warranty.
They were installed before we picked the X up! So they are covered.:2:
re: warranty coverage for accessories

I got the impression from a previous thread that, when it comes to warranty converage, it didn't matter if the installation was pre or post initial delivery (as long as the installation is done by a dealer):
Originally posted by TheyCallMeBruce here

Page 31, 2001 owner warranty booklet:

" Accessories Installed by the Dealer After Retail Sale:

All accessories are covered for the longer of the following two periods:

1. The time remaining in the New Vehicle Lusted Warranty,


2. 1 year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. "
You might be right~~~ :confused:
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